When it comes to social media, there is no shortage of tools, strategies, tips and tricks...

Some of the most common questions I get about social media are....


How many days should I post?

Do I have to make Reels? Are they that important?

How do you plan your content?

What's your hashtag strategy?

There are a million different teachers for this, but you are the only one who can keep yourself grounded along the way.

Your relationship with social media, the energetic ties you give it is what TRULY defines how you show up and allow yourself to be fully visible.

Typical signs you have unhealthy social media ties ....

  • You spend hours and hours on social media with little to no financial return.

  • You are energetically exhausted with social.

  • You find people triggering when logging on.

  • Coming up with content feels daunting AF.

  • Showing up on social media seems heavy and not fun.

  • You aren't growing an aligned audience.

  • You constantly compare and talk negative about yourself after being on social.

  • You feel like you are speaking to no one and running in circles online.

If you are ready to create more space for abundance in how you connect your gifts with the digital world, this Masterclass is for you.

What you will learn


How to create social media habits for sustainable growth.

The confidence to show up in new and exciting ways.

Your values as a brand and how that connects you to the world.

How to experience more feelings of flow + less feelings of hustle online.



Organic Instagram growth and visibility codes.

Attract NEW eyeballs to your freshly aligned IG page.

How to get off the hamster wheel of content creation.

LIVES are typically 45min-1hr

Access to Replays

for $77.77

The Masterclass Vibe


Untouchable is

Thursday, May 27  + Friday, May 28

with access to the replay for 2 weeks.

The training is live so you get opportunity to be fully present and interactive during the Masterclass! Of course, they are all recorded and kept in the group for you to catch-up and watch again.

My Masterclasses are highly engaging, fun, informative and energetic AF!


I encourage you to take action WHILE in the program so you can test out the new strategies AND get my feedback at the same time!

Excited to expand with you!