4 Time Management Skills for Entrepreneurial Moms

Wish you had more time?

Don't we all. That's the dang truth.  But here is the reality, is not possible. It can not happen. Bummer... I do, however, have some pretty good ideas on how we can manage our time more wisely as moms, business owners and entrepreneurs.  Here are some tips on how you can use your time more effectively to get more done and having less of a chance of burning out...

1 - Planning

Your brain will LITERALLY burn calories trying to remember what you need to get done (and not the good kind, like I wish I had less belly fat calories) When it is written down, you no longer have to overthink about it. No matter how you do it, chicken scratch on a chalkboard wall, a pretty planner with stickers, a notepad jot in your IPhone, just do it. This task is so basic, that most people forget about it. Just get your task list out of your head. That's it! This leaves more room in your brain for more important information, like how you will implement these tasks and not worry so much about the when it's going to happen.  2 - Make Time For You Give yourself at least one hour to yourself everyday. During the summer time I am much more inclined to stay up late and have my ME time and sleep in in the mornings, but during the school year, I am up at 5:30am with my husband. This gives me a full hour and a half before I have to wake the crazies for the day. However you slice it, give yourself an hour a day alone. Have a slow cup of coffee, sit in silence, just be slow and present with yourself. Check in and see how you are feeling. What do you need? What can start your day on the right foot, today? What will fill mommy's cup today? 3 - 5 Minute Tasks When I'm feeling stuck, or in a creative rut or I know that something has to get done and the pressure is wearing on me, I like to sit down and try to work on that task for 5 minutes. No, really....5 minutes. I set a timer on my phone and do SOMETHING towards that task for the entire 5 minutes. This can look like so many different things. It can be researching for that next blog post, it could be free writing, it could be list making, it could be identifying the problem on why you feel stuck. It's amazing what you can do with just 5 minutes. If you take this time and commit to the one task, you are just another step closer to completing it than you were yesterday.  4 - Practice 50/10 Timing This is something I just started doing and it's probably one of my favorite tips. For every 50 minutes that you spend working, use those last 10 minutes in the hour to refresh. Taking that 10 minutes every hour increases your productivity and helps keep you focused on the task at hand. You can look through inspiring photos, do a breathing exercise, go out and get some fresh air. Just take 10 minutes and check in with yourself. Are you hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Going cross eyed from staring at the computer?  As with any new habit, mindfulness and consistency are key. The more you are aware of yourself and what you need, the better chances you have on not burning out. It's important to take the time that you need and organize your time wisely. Creating successful habits take time. Challenge yourself to follow-through, but don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not 100-percent efficient right away.

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